Troubleshooting The Staple Spl-1506x Document Shredder

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    Sometimes your computer may display an error code indicating that the Staples splinter shredder spl-1506x is a troubleshooter. There can be many reasons for this problem. Yes, the RED LIGHT will turn on when you take the GRINDING HEAD out of its respective container. If you insert the GRINDING HEAD again after emptying the bucket, the RED LED will turn off. If your shredder isn’t shredding, chances are your customers have overheated the machine.

    staples spl-1506x shredder troubleshooting

    The SPL-1506X paper shredder sold by the Staples office chain will shred 15 paper sheets over timemagicians, one, as well as unnecessary credit cards, DVDs and CDs. There are times when a person may need to troubleshoot issues including a paper jam, overheating, full trash can, electrical outlet and lubrication problems. Knowing how the chipper in question is repaired saves you from investing in a professional rework.

    Paper Jam

    Find any power switch on the grinder and press the reverse setting (REV) button.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

  • Remove the jammed paper from the shredder area. Release the REV button when the paper jam is cleared. Make it clear that you will be shredding small pieces of scrapbook paper one at a time, and remove any staples that may be in the paper you are shredding. Also, make sure the trash can is emptied regularly to leave a clear path for the grinder.

    Disable this particular shredder if the previous steps did not clear the physical paper jam. Manually remove any paper that the experts think is stuck in the shredding service.


    Look at the overheat/overload LEDs to make sure they are on. This indicator lights up when the motor overheat/overload circuit normally trips when the unit is also heating up.

    Turn off the chopper and let it cool for at least 25 minutes.

    Tap the Stamina button in the Enabled settings to continue and destroy your items. To avoid this, do not forget to let the device cool down regularly.


    Use chopper lubricant as part of regular maintenance. Lubricants should be applied every 30 minutes after grinding, or at least twice a reasonable month.

    Insert the soiled sheets into the shredder and destroy them like regular cards.

    Eating Problems

    Make sure the power switch is in the on position. Check your electrical outlet to determine if the plug is properly inserted into the outlet. Make sure the outlet you are using is available in case you need to turn it off in an emergency.

    Delete and paste the entry.Try turning the shredder back on.

    staples spl-1506x shredder troubleshooting

    Try a different specific outlet if it still doesn’t work.


    Only erase credit cards and CDs in all designated places.



    Attempting to disassemble and repair the SPL-1506X shredder will void the product warranty. Switch off the device whenever you can get your hands near the grinding area of ​​the SPL-1506X. Be careful when wearing baggy clothes or diamond-studded ties while shredding paper the old fashioned way. Do not use flammable cleaners to clean the device.

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    Turn off the meat grinder. This is the first and most important part of any attempt to clear a paper jam.Empty your cart.Jump in the opposite direction.If the chopper stops while in reverse, return to Auto/Forward mode.Reduce load thickness before regrinding.

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    Locate the power button on the grinder and press the treat setting (REV) button. Remove the stuck standard from the grinding area. Release the REV button when the paper jam is cleared. Throw a small amount of paper into the shredder in a timely manner and remove any staples that may be in the paper you are shredding. If the shredder does not turn on, make sure it is plugged into a properly grounded outlet.

    Put most of the main circuit breaker to the maximum “on” position. Also press the power button, wait until it turns blue before you short now. The main switch is definitely on the right side of your current device. How to fix something. Free repair help for office equipment, paper shredders, paper clips, paper shredders spl1506x.

    My dear change The stapler died a few days ago, I’ll show you what I found. Mike is trying to fix a high-speed cross-cut shredder. Duration: 9h33. Good old Mike’s garage. Here’s how to find out if your paper shredder can shred staples with paperclips.

    Do you know how many sheets of paper he can destroy? Spread out the ground mass to give the grinder time to cool. Clean and oil your coffee grinder regularly and empty the container when it is almost full. Buy a shredder that suits your needs.

    Why does my shredder keeps stopping?

    Some paper shredders have thermal overload protection that allows the machine to be turned off at a certain moment to prevent the task from overheating. If your shredder does not have this feature, be sure to check where you are not shredding documents for a very long time. Otherwise, the electric motor may burn out and permanently disable the paper shredder.

    Put the grinder into manual mode, then plug the grinder into an electrical outlet. Rock back and forth on the one person paper shredder to remove any remaining physical items. Repeat the process until all of the standard paper is removed from the cutter blades. Lubricate your knives with blade oil to keep them running smoothly and preventing paper jams.

    Don’t forget to subscribe! I managed to permanently block my shredder whenever I need togive documents for the last few hot months. “When. Carefully remove the circuit breaker nut. Do not bang the circuit breaker against the shredder body. Insert the top of the shredder all the way into the waste body, secure the marking plate and carefully put the nut back in place. Push the screws back inside and they hold the top shredder and body together trash can.

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