Can’t Find Steps To Fix Sos.dll Loading Error When Expanding Command

You may encounter an error code saying sos.dll not found loading error when expanding the command. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we will do it shortly.

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    The SOS Debugging Extension (SOS.dll) helps debug managed programs in Visual Studio and the Windows Debugger (WinDbg.exe) by providing information about the current internal Common Language Runtime (CLR) community. This tool actually requires unmanaged debugging to be enabled in your project.

    AnalyzeOOM(ao) Displays all the Last Available Memory (OOM) information that occurred during the heap allocation request for the payload. (For server garbage collection, this will show the OOM, if present, on each collection heap.)
    BPMD [-nofuturemodule] Name> [] [-md <MethodDesc>] -list -comprehensible -clearall Create a breakpoint of any type in the specified method in my specified module.

    If the specified module and method have not been set, this command will wait for notification that the module has just been loaded in addition to this. Compile time (JIT) change creating a critical breakpoint.

    You can manipulate the document with pending breakpoints using the -list, -clear, and -clearall options:

    The -list option creates a list of all pending breakpoints. If a pending breakpoint has a non-null element ID, that breakpoint resolves it for the function, especially for this compressed module. If a pending breakpoint has a null module ID, the breakpoint suggests modules that may not have been loaded yet.

    How do I find SOS DLL?

    You can probably find it in C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv4. 0.30319sos. dll path. To receive SOS automatically, you must configure Microsoft Symbol Servers in all _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variables.

    Use the -precise -clearall or option to remove breakpoints from the list.[-a]

    clrstack [-l] [-p] [-n] Provides only a stack trace of all managed code.

    The -p idea shows the arguments of the controlled function.

    The -l option displays information about local variables a in the frame. The SOS debug extension cannot get geographic names, so the output for localized names is in the =.

    load sos.dll error during command extension could not be found

    The -a(all) method is short for -l and -p.

    The -n option prevents the source file from being displayed to these people: and line numbers. If the SYMOPT_LOAD_LINES option is specified in the new debugger, SOS looks for symbols in the same way as for each managed frame, and if successful, the frames display the corresponding source file name and line number. You can specify the -h option (without a line number) to disable this behavior.

    The SOS debug extension does not display frame transitions on x64 and IA-64 platforms.

    COM State List the COM apartment during each thread and the suggested context if available.
    DumpArray [-start ] [-length ] [-details] [-nofields]


    DA [-start ] [-length ] [-nofields] [-detail] array object address>

    Examines the elements associated with an array object.

    The -start package specifies the starting index and display of the elements.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

  • The -length solution specifies how many elements should actually be displayed.

    load sos.dll error during command extension could not be found

    -details The option displays details using the element that DumpObj uses in conjunction with the DumpVC formats.

    The -no field disables the display of assortment tables. Typically, this option is available only if the -level option is specified.

    Appears next to an assembly.

    Command DumpAssembly Database modules, multiple if present.

    You can use the DumpDomain command to get the build address.

    DumpClass Renders using a EEClass structure with a type.

    Restoring a DumpClass renders static field values, but should not render non-static field values.

    Use DumpMT, DumpObj, Name2EE or Command token2ee to get the EEClass assembly address.

    DumpDomain [] List the collection point loaded inside the address of the AppDomain object. Using No Parameter Called, the DumpDomain directive enumerates all AppDomain objects in a meaningful process.
    DumpHeap [-stat] [-strings] [-short] [-min ] [-max ] [-thinlock] [-startAtLowerBound] [-mt Address>] ][start [end]] Displays information about the garbage collector heap, not to mention object collection statistics.

    The DumpHeap command issues a warning if it detects excessive fragmentation on the garbage collector heap.

    The -stat option limits the outputstatistical summary by type.

    The -strings option restricts the product to a statistical string.

    The -short option limits the end product to the address of each object. This makes it easy to disable or redirect command output to a new debugger command for automation.

    The -min option ignores objects that are smaller than the size parameter specified here in bytes (hexadecimal).

    The -max option ignores objects larger than size specified in bytes (hexadecimal).

    The -thinlock option marks ThinLocks. For more information, see General SyncBlk Command.

    The -startAtLowerBound option causes each heap walk to start at the edge of the least cost adaptation region. During the planning phase, packaging is often not available as objects are moved. This choice causes To dumpheap to start dumping at the specified lower limit. You must specify the address of a valid object as the bottom address for the option to work. You can scan your memory when picking up a bad item to find it in your hand next to the method table. Also, if you want the garbage collector to just call memcopy , you could find the address of our next object by adding the size to the start address, which is provided as a huge parameter. .


    -mt option prints a list of individual objects, which typically correspond to the specified MethodTable structure.

    The -type method enumerates only objects whose type name is a substring relative to the specified string.

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