How To Resolve Error 12154 Fal-client Arc2

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    Here are some simple ways that can help fix arc2 fal client error 12154. If you see this error message in the Database Center warning log file. For RAC, ensure that all primary RAC nodes have an exact copy of the change file and that the same password file is also copied to all standby RAC nodes.

    I have set up one physical standby database for production RAC servers (4 nodes), but after starting it, I still have the above issue in the Lifestyle-alert_log.file (FAL [client, USER]: error 12154 when connecting to Oracle, restoring the sequence of spaces). (Disconnecting a managed standby DDR session 😉



    Subject: DNA Text: ORASPI-0127.1: 1.00 Dataguard targets are getting errors or possibly in an invalid state.

    Thu Oct 45 10:29:27 2014 Error 12154 when connecting in sleep mode

    – Verify that this TNS alias configuration with log_archive_dest_n in TNSNAMES.ORA exists and is valid (spelling, square brackets,…)

    – Try connecting manually to actually mount the standby database with the same TNS alias

    From all angles, we found most of our main/backup config, settings, etc. perfect… Both could connect securely remotely… both had the same shared password file, recognized tns services in the file , listeners started on registered services, exclusive password, recovery with help, etc… But everything is always free..

    After getting the team as good as possible without compromising the database principle, I had to think outside the box. I started digging into this in order to generally come to a different result.

    Oracle believes that the root cause of this issue is the network, possibly an operating system issue based on the truth mentioned above. Oracle Arm DOES NOT HAVE A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM, so it can happen on any version/platform

    This The research touched on the most important thoughts… Check if you have changed the TNSNAMES.ORA file since the ARCn and LNS database processes were started; they may not be familiar with change. Therefore, you may have to kill them in order for them to respawn. Therefore, I began to perceive the last attempt as an action …

    1) If the Data Guard Broker is wandering, disable the Data Guard Broker for the Primary Server and the Backup Server:

    4) The main thing is to kill the ARCx processes and this database will automatically restart them without damaging them.

    kill -9 …

    5) On the standby server, standby the database and resume managed restore

    SQL>modify managed database restore standby list [using current log file] disable;

    Just do one thing… edit the system switch log… all ARCx processes will be re-enabled permanently…

    At this point, all ARCx processes should be running in addition to the main process.

    7) Be sure to re-enable the Data Guard Broker for the primaryserver and backup server if applicable:

    fal client arc2 error 12154

    In the worst case, the problem may be a firewall… If all of the above fails, then…

    8) Contact your network administrator to make sure the following firewall features can be disabled.

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  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Checking SQLNet packages
  • SQL Fix
  • SQL ALG (Juniper firewall)
  • fal client arc2 error 12154

    SQL> specific thread number, max(sequence#) v$archived_log group after thread number, sort by 1;

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

  • SQL> jump to thread#,max(sequence#) from v$archived_log where apply=’YES’ cause group by thread number in order 1;

  • LOCK 5 76344 0
  • CLOSE IMAGE 1 76345 0
  • ARC CLOSURE one person 76346 0
  • MRP0 WAIT_FOR_LOG 1 76347 0
  • RFS IDLE nothing 0 0
  • DURATION 0 6 0
  • ************************************************** ******* *** * * ***** *******************
  • Thursday, October 30, 13:35:55 ​​2014
  • Oracle/ADNN/arch/fast_recovery_area/ADNN/archivelog/2014_10_29/o1_mf_1_76225_b51o7ngr_.arc removed from Oracle Track Managed
  • Remove manually managed Oracle file /oracle/ADNN/arch/fast_recovery_area/ADNN/archivelog/2014_10_29/o1_mf_1_76226_b51p3pc3_.arc
  • Thursday, October 30, 13:35:55 ​​2014
  • LNS: Backup update log file selected for stream 1, collection 76347 for destination LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2
  • Added archive log view 111343 for course id 76346 0x731140d1 target 1:
  • In a good physical Dataguard standby, we may see messages such as getting test error messages with a sequence of spaces. These errors can sometimes be fixed automatically, mostly by setting fal_server which resyncs via some temporary network folder

    Media recovery pending as in thread 1, sequence 345, branch (resetlogs_id) 1054563556FAL[Client]: Error getting sequence of spaces, FAL server not specified

    If the vulnerability cannot be automatically fixed, intervention by a DBA is required

    1. Check fal settings for each primary and standby database
    SQL> existing parameter falNAME TYPE VALUE----------------------- ----------------------- --- -----------------------string fal_clientstring fal_serverSQL> change system set fal_client=orcl;the system has been changed.SQL> change system set upgraded fal_server=orcldgp;System.

    2) The v$dataguard_status view can sometimes be found to automatically resolve inconsistencies

    SQL> select view v$dataguard_status;Error 12154 Sleep related log receivedFAL [Client, MRP0]: error 12154 connecting to ORCL to get mismatch sequenceGet sequence of spaces in stream 0, sequence of spaces 1-1

    3) Check the connection between the main standby database and the generated service name connection string using sysdba

    [[email protected] ~]$ sqlplus test/[email protected] and sysdbaSQL*Plus: Version release on Monday, June 21 17:30:53 2021Copyright (c) 1982, this year Oracle. All rights reserved.Connected:Oracle 12c Database Enterprise Edition Version - 64-bit Production EditionWith partitioning, automatic memory management, OLAP, analyticsAnd advanced application testing capabilities in real conditionsSQL>

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