SOLVED: Suggestions For Fixing Adding A New PST Folder In Outlook 2010.

If you are getting the add New PST Folder in Outlook 2010 error code, today’s guide has been created to help you.

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    Microsoft Stores will display all result items such as individual emails and attachments, calendar, contacts, tasks, journals, other people in a PST file after you set up clients with a POP or IMAP email account. Outlook creates a PST file with our location extension based on the version of Outlook – 2019, 2016, 2013, 2011 or earlier. But sometimes the PST file gets corrupted or corrupted due to the size being too large, the system or Outlook crashing, virus or malware intrusion, etc. In such cases, the Outlook user needs to repair the music PST file effectively. You may also need to repair or copy Outlook pst file to move old emails.

    Below we have discussed the steps to create a .PST file in MS Outlook.

    How do I create multiple PST files in Outlook 2010?

    Navigate to File tab Preferences >> Account Preferences >> Account.usually on the Data Files tab and then using your mouse click on the Add button to create the actual PST file.Go to the home video panel, open the default PST file and select the items you want to move to the newly created PST file.

    Steps to create a new Outlook PST file only in Outlook ms 2019, 2013, 2016 and earlier

    add new pst folder in outlook 2010

    to a .pst file only in 2019, 2016, outlook 2013 and 2010 as follows:

    1. Open MS Outlook and go to the Home tab.
    2. ClickNew in Articles > More Articles, then select Outlook Data Files…. This usually opens the “Open Outlook File New” or “Open Outlook File” bandwidth dialog box. Then
    3. Enter some name for new PST files and click OK tab.

    Note. If Outlook prompts you to create a password-protected Pst file, enter a strong password for the new generic file, confirm the Pst, and click the OK tab.

    How do I create a local PST file in Outlook?

    Open MS Outlook, click “New Items”, select “More Items” and then click “Outlook Data Files”.Enter the name of the PST file you want to update (click Add Additional Password if you want to create another password-protected PST file), then click OK.

    This Outlook creates an In PST file in Outlook 2013, 2019, 2016, or 2010. However, this may result in data loss because the PST file may contain new emails, not recent emails, and on the other hand, changes that do not have been synchronized with all mailboxes on the server. If you find missing emails or packages after PST startup repair, you can use Stellar for Outlook management. .Software .that .extracts .email .files .from a .corrupted .PST .file, .and .saves .emails .to a .new ..PST .file.

    To create an actual Stellar .with PST file for recovery or outlook saveTo fix fixed items extracted from a corrupted or infected PST file, follow these steps,

  • install publish Stellar For Repair Outlook.and
  • find the corrupted PST file and simply “repair” it.fixes
  • Afterwards, the program will display almost all mail items. Select the required delivery elements that you want to animate in the new PST file.
  • Finally, select “PST” from the options, then search for the function you want to generate a .PST program file and save mail.”OK”,
  • Click to launch the .PST directory and save the selected emails to a newly created PST file.
  • To learn more about Stellar Repair with check Outlook, visit the main page.
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    ms, which also works as a desktop mail user, saves others’ emails and entries in Outlook Data Files (.pst). The PST file stores user emails, goals, extended calendars, journals, and other items locally on your hard Thus, access to PST data is possible only through any Outlook configured in the system, in the places where they are stored. PST files However, it is convenient to transfer PST files to another system using a versatile device (such as an external hard drive).files

    Why Are PSTs Good For Outlook Users?

    How do you create a new pst folder in Outlook 2010?

    Open and look at the Home tab.At the top, click New > More > Items, then click Outlook Data Files…. The Create Newadditional Outlook data file”.Give the new PST file a name, then click the OK tab.

    Documentation for portable PST files. They can also be used to back up Exchange mailboxes and restore user mailboxes from OST files. MS archive feature also outlook uses PST format and saves unmetabolized and old items.

    How To Create A New PST File In Outlook?

    add new pst folder in outlook 2010

    In some situations, users may need to create a new PST file in Outlook. This is not a difficult task. To create a real PST file, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Open MS Outlook, click New Items, select More Items, and then click Outlook Data Files. =”” srcset=” /uploads/2017/11/create-pst-1.png 796 W,×223.png 300 W,×572.png 768w”>
    2. Enter the full name of the new PST file (click Add optional password if you want to create a password-protected PST file), secure then click OK.
      Note. If Outlook prompts you, enter the password associated with the new PST file, confirm it, and click OK. /2017/11/create-pst-3.for png”>

    Can I have 2 PST files in Outlook?

    You can merge a bunch of Outlook PST files (Personal short for Storage Table) into Outlook. This is a quick task that produces results with all versions of Outlook 2007 up to the current precious time. Luckily, this is fairly easy to do with a two-step process. 3ms Outlook days ago

    The Outlook PST Recovery Engine is a handy tool. Recovers even large PST files and saves them in many small PST files. Here are some features of this powerful tool:

  • Recovers contacts, e-mail calendars, etc. from pst files
  • Export PST files to data from MS Exchange, 365 office, etc.
  • Stores PST emails in applications like webmailsx, yahoo, google-apps and emails in google and gmail. d. in
  • Save MSG, Eml pdf and other filesFiles.
  • Perform selective email recovery using built-in air filters (from, to whom, etc. deleted)
  • Recover emails and items and display them in red on the blog
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